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What is Supervision?

Supervision offers a space for practitioners to reflect on and explore their practice. This may involve looking at specific issues that arise from work with a particular client or at more generalised issues concerning your ongoing professional development.

The idea is to offer support and challenge and to provide a framework for joint monitoring and evaluation of the supervisee work.

Supervision is a requirement for many international and national  associations and organisations  and for ongoing accreditation.

We support the work of  many professionals from other fields of therapy, supervision is about rapport, acceptance, understanding, challenge and appropriate supportive feed back

Who needs Supervision?

All therapists, regardless of experience, need supervision.

Not only do most professional bodies in the UK  require supervision, but it is also seen by many as an ethical imperative.

How is Supervision Conducted?

Supervision can be conducted in a number of ways; Individually, in Peer groups,  face to face, via telephone, SKYPE and in some cases email.

This very much depends on the supervisee although I would recommend a period of three years in individual supervision before progressing to a Peer Support group.

I, of course would recommend  regular reviews throughout the period of Supervision but I would also recommend that after attendance of a one year period of either individual or Peer Support group that both the Supervisee and Supervisor revisit their contract and see if the arrangement is working at its best for the Supervisee.

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